China’s New Buses are Basically Huge TranVia Trains

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. The TranVia, once completed will be nice…. and new “smart” bus systems and electric buses would be great….

How about a two-fer? A Bus-Train Hybrid? Even better, one that you can drive ‘under’ or that can drive ‘over’ traffic that stops cars?
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We first heard about this last spring, and amazingly, the Chinese have already built and implemented the thing!

New Route 27 Images: North and South Radiales

Note to members: I’m making these updates available to you first, but the PDFs will be updated in a few days. When I’ve updated the PDFs, then I’ll make this visible to the public.

The 27 has been split into to two radiales, so now there are two different Linéas 27, one going from El Centro north and the other goes from El Centro south.

I will soon list these as “Linéa 27 Radial Norte” or “Linéa 27 Radial Sur” on the left menu.

Click on photos for full-sized versions

27 – Radial Norte

Route 27 — Radial Norte
Line 27 – Radial Norte NORTH 1 of 2
Line 27 — Radial Norte NORTH 2 of 2
Line 27 — Radial Norte SOUTH 1 of 2
Line 27 – Radial Norte SOUTH 2 of 2


27 Radial Sur

Route 27 — Radial Sur
Linea 27 — Radial Sur NORTH 1 of 2
Line 27 – Radial Sur NORTH 2 of 2
Line 27 Radial Sur SOUTH 1 of 2
Line 27 Radial Sur SOUTH 2 of 2

Collection of Map Updates from the City of Cuenca

The updates have been published to; they aren’t complete, just an inset of the individual routes’ changes in El Centro, but it should help you update your atlas with a highlighter!

If this frame is too small to see, try making it full-screen or use this direct link:


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