Las Líneas 3 y 8 So se Modifican

I just heard back about the 3 and the 8 over on Av. Ordóñez Lasso…. there will be NO MODIFICATION of those routes.
The 13 and 50 have been routed around the construction on Las Americas, not necessarily around Av. Ordóñez Lasso, therefore the 3 and 8 will NOT be effected by the TranVia construction on Las Americas.

New PDFs uploaded

I’m in the last phase of rendering and uploading the new maps for the routes changed by the construction in El Centro. 

Extra time was needed to update the base maps as well as the route trail, but you will notice that I didn’t update the stop names. The new maps show the detoured routes, but I left the numbered locations of the original stops in place for now. EMOV personnel have been installing new parada signs along Velez and Heredia, the streets on the west side of El Centro that are the new detour routes.

I’ve gotten three of the twelve routes published as PDF and uploaded to the side tabs for members, so far. I’m still working at finishing the rest and uploading them today.

Things have been pretty quiet on the site while I’ve been working on these maps, but I’ve been putting all the daily news stuff into my new podcasts.

Notes on Updates

 We aren’t just updating our bus route maps, we are also updating the OpenStreetMaps  project with the TranVia . The OpenStreetMaps projects provides all the base cartography for the Cuenca Bus Sherpa Atlas. 

This is a good news/bad news situation… the good news as, as you can see below, I’ve added the TranVia tracks to Gran Colombia and Mariscal Lamar to the base maps which we use for our route maps.

The bad news is, I am going to have to go back and re-image each of the PNG files I’ve been uploading over the last few days. After the city allowed the TranVia construction to split El Centro into north and south, they also re-routed numerous routes to the last passable intersections. They expect these re-routes to be in effect until August at the earliest, but more realistically, until November.

Even though this is extra time and effort, adding the tracks now will save me having to re-image ALL of my routes later when the TranVia is close to being in operation.

I apologize for the extra time this is going to take in updating the members’ files on the website, but this project has always about providing the most accurate and comprehensive maps. Users of my maps let me know all the time that they appreciate my work and my eye for details. The sacrifice for that eye is the extra time to make sure the maps are as updated as they can.

Thanks again for your continued support! I’m parked at my desk clicking away at fixing and updating the files, Thanks for your patience while I make all the updates and changes.



New Page under Latest News

I’ve added a new page featuring tweets from several of the local agencies and individuals involved with Cuenca’s public transportation.

Not all of the tweets are strictly about buses and the TranVia, but you’ll be able to find many, many tweets featuring bus route changes and updates about the construction.

You can find the new page on the menu at the top of the page as a sub-item under “Latest News.”

Boy, do I have a lot of changes to tell you about! I’m working on a post about today’s announcement of changes to 11 bus lines in El Centro.


Keep The Messages on Changes Coming!

I’ve literally gotten more emails and messages about changes to bus lines in the last two weeks than I have in over six months that Cuenca Bus Sherpa has been online!

Obviously there has been some major advancements in the TranVia construction along Las Americas, meanwhile, the frentistas in El Centro are up in arms about missed deadlines and broken promises. The person who was in charge of the project has resigned for “strictly personal reasons” and they are supposed to name a new person to the position today.

This week, I’ve gotten emails mostly about the 7, the 16, the 22, and the 25…… based on the reports, both the 7 and the 25 are have been routed off Las Americas at Av. Mexico in order to access the Yanuncay area stops.

The 16 has had another major change due to TranVia construction on Gran Columbia between Tarqui y Juan Montalvo. It can no longer get to the stops at Colegio San Francisco or Pio Bravo and is instead detouring by turning left on Estevez de Toral, which is two blocks west of Juan Montalvo. Using Toral, the 16 goes all the way up to Pio Bravo and stops at two new stops on that street. The 27 normally passes by these same two stops. There is a stop around the corner from the stop called “Pio Bravo” on the 16’s map. Looking over my own work, I see that the stop is NOT listed on the 27 where it should be between stops 42 and 43. It probably didn’t have a sign last year, and when I recorded the route, the bus didn’t stop at it because no one need it.

That is a big headache for people who want to get out of El Centro and go north to Av. Abelardo J. Andrade!

The best option for you if you normally the 16 north on Tarqui is to take the 18 from anywhere along Tarqui to the Luis Cordero stop on Heroes De Verdeloma. From there, you can cross at the Chordeleg and wait for the 16 there.

What happened with the 22 and the 27 this week?

I got several emails from frustrated people who all waited for either the 27 or the 22 where they normally do on Monday and Tuesday and never saw their buses come.

Double check me on this, but when I went and checked them on Thursday, they were back to their routes. I think what happened was the intersections at Gran Colombia and/or Lamar with both Miguel Velez and Estevez de Toral were torn up and not allowing north-south passage.

These changes are stressful, but please “have understanding.”

We do our best to keep up with updates, but these last two weeks have seen so many changes, both big changes and small, temporary changes, that I can’t keep up with all of them. I try to check up on reports of route changes, but more often than not, the change that was reported may have only been good for a day or two before it switched back.

Regardless, please keep reporting deviations and changes in routes and sending me your stories and observations about TranVia construction in your areas. I love reading your first-hand reports!



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An Extra Nickel

One thing that isn’t mentioned very often, or at least I haven’t found it yet, is that some of the lines that go way out-of-town cost an extra $.05 when you ride it all the way out to the end. This isn’t true on all of them, but for example, when I rode línea 26 north all the way past Checka, close to the border of Cañar, I noticed people were no longer exiting from the back door, but instead exiting at the front and dropping another nickel into the coin slot. I also observed this on línea 17 which goes south into the countryside. At the time, I was purposefully riding all the buses to their end points to map them and paying with my card, so when I got back on the bus for the return trip, I noticed the machine charged my card the full $0.30 instead of $0.25.
So just be aware that if you are planning to take one of the buses that go to the further reaches of the region, it is going to cost an extra nickel. This is not the driver trying to squeeze an extra five cents from you (yes, we’ve seen several people insinuate this on social media).

This post is from the forthcoming manual for riding Cuenca’s buses. 

Webstore getting better

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working at getting the web store working again. We had a lot of orders in the first few hours of the GringoPost, and then we noticed everything stop. Customers have been reporting getting messages that say “Internal Server Error” meanwhile, while we have noticed new accounts being created, no orders were coming through, and no notifications were going to anyone.

So I’ve narrowed the problems down to the account registration process conflicting with the customer registration process. So, people would add a product to the cart, fill out the form with their information, and then the page would reset saying “Internal Server Error.” Then, when the customer would try again, they’d get a message that said their account had been created. What a headache!

I’ve tweaked some settings and made a couple of changes and I think we are getting closer to being fully functional.

I’ll post more updates about this as needed; however, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU STILL HAVE PROBLEMS either by commenting below or emailing me.

Thank you for your help!

Website Store is Up!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve uploaded the digital products and created a store that features all of the products we have so far. Customers can pay using Paypal, bitcoin, or cash-on-delivery (only for people IN Cuenca).

I’ve tested out most everything and it seems to be working okay, but there may be some bugs to work out yet, so please be patient if you order something.

Cuenca Bus System Atlas (Hard Copy)

Cuenca Bus System Atlas (PDF download)

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Also, new memberships to the website are now being sold through the store. You don’t have to be a member to purchase items from the store, but if you buy an atlas, either PDF or hard copy, then use the coupon code “bundlr” and membership is only $5.

Please help us out by referring your friends directly to our website!