I have bought the bundle (the bus book plus download maps) for me and for gifts and they are invaluable. But the most help getting around Cuenca, used in conjunction with my map book is the personal bus “primer” offered by Chris. He takes you everywhere you want to know how to get to plus explains many bus route facts you didn’t know about. These alone cleared up much of the mystery of maneuvering the bus system. This is money and time we’ll spent.

David Grether

This book is excellent ! Shows all bus routes, with separate maps for each direction the routes run. Christopher has done a great service for all of us who ride the bus lines. It’s well worth the $10.00


After reading the recommendation about taking the bus tour with Christopher King, Cuenca Bus Sherpa, I called and scheduled a tour. Like the previous poster, I chose the places I frequent most often, and those were the bus routes we took. Christopher knows the City of Cuenca and the bus routes better than anyone, even locals. Even if you aren’t a newcomer to Cuenca, I am certain you can learn something from him about getting around town. I was amazed at his knowledge of not only buses but also points of interest, towns, etc.


This book allowed me to track the bus lines that are near where I live. It lists the names of the bus stops so I can be prepared; I usually look for the one or two stops before mine. Also, being able to go online for updates and amendments is a real plus. If you think that this is not worth it, because the routes change, think again.
I am very pleased with this book and have made a point of telling my friends who use the bus lines.


I just had a really fun day seeing Cuenca from a new perspective, from the bus. Taxis are hard to come by at the top of Pencas Altas and the bus is only two blocks away. So now I am fully equipped and confident in my new favorite mode of transportation. I got to pick the routes so I suggested El Centro, Mall del Rio and the airport, figuring that would hit the highlights when guests visit. We had a lot of fun and now I know so much more about my adopted home.