Route Data as Individual .GPX Files



Each of the routes  divided into separate .gpx files for each direction.

View the data using Google Maps or Google Earth on your computer or on a mobile device or using your favorite GPS device or app.


These files are NOT current. There have been major changes to the routes in El Centro since these files were created. Updates TBA


GPX files are used by GPS apps, devices, and mapping services like Google and the project.

This is a zipped file containing a folder for each route and an individual file for each direction on the route.

GPX data can be used in Google Maps and other online mapping resources. When viewing files on Google Earth, Google Maps, or on your GPS device or app, you will see the entire route with a flag on each stop. The names of the stops are not included, only the location of the stops.

Using these files may require advanced knowledge of your individual GPS device or app; limited help may be available if needed, but if unsure if your device can import GPX files, then check out the KML files for the same price. They are natively used by Google products.