Cuenca Bus System Atlas — Hard Copy


28 city bus lines, end to end, with every bus stop named and marked by GPS.

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The Cuenca Bus System Atlas has the bus maps you’ve been looking for!

Cuenca Bus Sherpa is proud to offer its first Cuenca bus system atlas, the most comprehensive and up-to-date maps available!

Inspiration for Cuenca Bus System Atlas came from Key Maps.The atlas features  twenty-eight city bus lines, end to end, with every bus stop named and marked by GPS. It includes two system maps to give an overview of the city’s routes and each of the routes are subdivided into over 100 detailed maps. Inspiration for the atlas came from the old KEY MAPS Inspiration for Cuenca Bus System Atlas came from Thomas Guides. for Houston  or the THOMAS GUIDE for Los Angeles.

For each, I provide a map showing both directions with major landmarks around the city and then I break each direction into at least two maps showing all of the stop names and locations. The atlas is printed and spiral bound on paper so you can write notes or use a highlighter for stops most important to you.
We are planning a Cuenca Bus System Atlas – 2nd Edition sometime in 2016 or early 2017, depending on how soon the TranVia is completed, in operation, and the
bus routes correspondingly change. In the meantime, our atlas is the only product of its kind available; as far as we know, the city of Cuenca is not planning on putting out new, free maps until known is more about when the TranVia will be finished as well. Even when the city issues new maps for buses, Cuenca Bus Sherpa will continue to provide premium, comprehensive maps and helpful products.

A must have for residents and tourists alike! We hope that our Cuenca Bus System Atlas will help you explore the beautiful city of Cuenca with ease and confidence!

When you purchase an atlas and a membership, use the code “bundlr” to get $5 off!

UPDATE: Edition 1.1 has been printed as of March 30th and includes the changed 16 southbound.

Personal delivery in Cuenca available! After your purchase, set a date and give detailed instructions to find you HERE.

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