MAJOR CHANGES as Las Americas in Front of Supermaxi is Closed

The latest change to hit and it is a DOOZY!


Let’s start with the detours for the 16, the 28, and the 100s…. they NO LONGER go anywhere close to SuperMaxi Las Americas.

This is a very inconvenient change for a lot of people who go to Supermaxi Las Americas because there is no good way to get there anymore without having to walk several blocks.


The northbound 16 now goes up Edwin Sacoto to 12 de Abril where it crosses over to the Otorongo bridge to join the rest of the buses using Miguel Velez, the only street on the west side of El Centro not closed yet. After rejoining Gaspar Sangurima, it returns to its newly changed route turning left on Toral, right on Pio Bravo, and rejoining Tarqui on its way north to San Pedro.


Meanwhile, the southbound joins all the other buses cutting through El Centro on Miguel Heredia and going around the Redondel Otorongo.


Look familiar? The southbound 100 takes the same path as the 16 to get to Las Americas.


The northbound 100 is taking Remigio Crespo all the way over to Unidad Nacional before joining back up with the same route as the 16 all the way up to Gaspar Sangurima.

The 100 also has been changed on the others side of the airport were Av. España has been closed to traffic. Look for the details in another post.

13576864_1333159893379333_3346442363218412151_o The 28 used to take the same path as the 16 and the 100 around Las Americas where it would turn around and start its return trip.

Now, it still takes the same path as the 16 and the 100, but turning back on its return trip on Remigio Crespo.


3 thoughts on “MAJOR CHANGES as Las Americas in Front of Supermaxi is Closed”

  1. Hi Christopher,
    1. Any news about routes 3 and 8, both of which went through the Simon Bolivar Redondel. I was on 3 the other day and it took Tres de Noviembre as far as I went, which was

  2. Last comment got “posted” before I was finished. …which was as far as Los Manzaneos.
    2. Where do you get those maps of the changes? I looked all of the Cuenca GAD website and couldn’t find them.
    Lee Shrader

    1. Hi Lee! I got your email and now that I’m back in town and got the issues with my internet connection dealt with, I’m going to get that other issue figured out.

      I’m working on a post for the 3 and the 8 right now…. Look for that to be posted in the next half hour…. the best source for these changes that I’ve found is twitter! Check out the page I made featuring the main players involved with Cuenca’s transit here:

      They’ve been pretty good about putting out maps showing the changes, but they haven’t been very good with their timing! They’ve been releasing news about changes to take effect on Monday the Friday before!

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