How to Use Our Maps

I have created two system maps – one map of the entirety of the Cuenca bus system, with color coded routes, as well as an inset of the bus routes in the El Centro area.

Then, for each of the 27 individual routes, you will generally find five maps: one showing both directions (with landmarks shown), two showing one direction in detail (ie eastbound), and two showing the other direction in detail (ie westbound). The four maps of each direction show the GPS-marked location of each and every stop on the route, with its’ name. Some routes did not require all five maps, but many did require five to provide the level of details we think you’ll appreciate.

On each line’s page, found on the menu on the left side of the site, you will find all of the maps as individual PDFs. First, each map is offered as an embedded frame; under that, you will see a green “Download Now” button. Members may save the maps they want and print their own copies.