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002 — And… They're Gone


1) Helpers are gone.
4 day study found about $30,000 a week in lost revenue due to fare-cheats.
Helpers on each bus cost approximately $67,500 per week.
Wilmer Bravo, President of the Chamber of transport of Cuenca, (CTC) will be asking the city council to make payment cards mandatory.

They used to be called “Chulios.”
Political stunt? See how much they lost compared to the cost?

2) City subsidizing each of the 475 buses in town $600 per month until July and retroactive back to last October.

News about the helpers sudden appearance and even more sudden disappearance.

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An El Centro Divided… Podcast Episode 3

Cuenca Bus Sherpa Podcast episode 3 is out! I cover the big news and changes hitting El Centro this week.

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UPDATE 5/23/16: The map for the 27 was delayed, so although I mention that it has been changed to two linéas radiáles, I didn’t have the information to say what it is going to do. Here is the update announcement from the city:

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An El Centro Divided — 003

UPDATE 5/23/16: The map for the 27 was delayed, so although I mention that it has been changed to two linéas radiáles, I didn’t have the information to say what it is going to do. Here is the update announcement from the city:

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Permanent Podcast Page is a community resource for tourists, expats, and English speaking immigrants living in Cuenca Ecuador. We provide news, information, and updates about the local public transportation system including bus routes and TranVia construction.

We have a lot of Changes due to Tranvia construction this week… its going to be a rough week getting used to them.

Here is the news article referenced in the news:

Upcoming road closures
From May 23 Tram Project will close the remaining crosses both the Gran Colombia and Lamar Mariscal.
According to the schedule of works, the intersections of the two tracks with Estevez de Toral will be closed from 23 May to July 31 with Colonel Talbot from 23 May to 31 July and the Miguel Vélez from 29 August to 13 November.
closures of crossings both streets in Miguel Heredia be given from August 22 until 6 November, and with the Octavio Cordero from 22 August to 13 November. The road works have not yet Sangurima start date.

Wifi/security on the buses – 2 buses right now, but the 75 that have the new screens will soon have it too.

Please see for the list of changes.

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Whew…. The biggest batch of changes yet!

Folks…. it is going to be a tough week getting in or out of El Centro by bus. We have no less than 11 bus lines that are changing!

Well, the moment has finally come. The TranVia construction in El Centro has reached the point of shutting down the major north-south corridors’ intersections, so ALL of the bus routes that take them have been altered significantly.

The major change that is going to affect us is that Juan Montalvo and Tarqui will NO LONGER HAVE ANY BUSES!

That’s right. Beyond the 16, all the rest, the 8, 12, 18, 20, and the 25 have all been diverted at Vega Muñoz, over to Miguel Heredia going south and going north, over to Miguel Vélez or Estévez de Toral. Meanwhile, on the east side of El Centro, Tomas Ordóñez and Vargas Machuca have been disrupted, so that affects the 10, 19, and 24 on their north-south routes.

Well, I have entire pageful of changes here, so rather than type out each change, take a look at an image of the changes issued by EMOV this morning; first of all, here is all the closed intersections:


The city has published some updates with a few maps:

52216change 852216change 1052216change 1252216change 12n52216change 1852216change 18s

This is all I’ve found so far; regardless, I have a lot of work ahead of me this week making these changes to the individual maps. In order to speed up the process, I’ll work at getting images of the changes posted first. I can do that a lot faster than changing and rendering each PDF.

The main reason why we published our atlas on regular paper instead of glossy was so when these inevitable changes came to pass, users could easily highlight the new route in their books. Website members have the advantage of receiving the map updates, and the ability to print out single pages.

Remember, these changes are probably not permanent! They may last through August or even November, or they may return to their original routes once the tracks are finished at the intersections along Gran Colombia and Mariscal Lamar.

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For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting with recording a podcast to feature the latest changes and news. With all of these changes, this week’s episode is going to be pretty long. So get your atlases and your highlighters out, and I’ll read off each change line by line so you can update your books!

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Cuenca Bus Sherpa Podcast

Hey everyone, here’s an experiment:

I recorded this on the 4th and decided to put it out before the info gets too stale.

Let me know what you think about the new podcast, but be kind, it is the first and a bit ‘rough.’

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