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China’s New Buses are Basically Huge TranVia Trains

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. The TranVia, once completed will be nice…. and new “smart” bus systems and electric buses would be great….

How about a two-fer? A Bus-Train Hybrid? Even better, one that you can drive ‘under’ or that can drive ‘over’ traffic that stops cars?
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We first heard about this last spring, and amazingly, the Chinese have already built and implemented the thing!

Más Respeto a los Asientos Preferenciales – #MasRespeto

More Respect for Preferred Seats

UPDATE May 7, 2016: Looks like they’ve removed the video. I should have downloaded and saved it, but alas, it is gone.

I’ve watched this new  campaign promo put out by SIR y CTCC today several times and I’m still not sure it is supposed to be as funny as it is.

Watch this and see:

At first I didn’t realize she was pregnant, so I was a bit confused at what the guy was doing at first. Was he taking a picture of her chest? No, he was taking a selfie with her pregnant belly. Wait, WHAT? 

Is taking a picture next to a pregnant belly a thing in Cuenca or just on the buses here? Whatever it is, it is NOT !

Before realizing that she was pregnant, I knew whatever he was doing was inappropriate, but then why is no one else reacting to them?  Actually, that’s not true, the girl behind them has a big smile on her face for a second.

So I know there has been a very successful push to reserve the front seats for pregnant women, people with disabilities, or people of tercera edad and to establish the custom of offering any seat to them should the front ones be taken already. There has also been a more recent campaign to address inappropriate behavior against women on the Cuenca buses. For example:

This video kind of covers both!

To be honest, as much as I’ve ridden the bus, I’ve seen some inappropriate behavior in the form of young people not giving up their seats to older people, but I’ve rarely if ever seen a man ‘overtly’ doing pervy and inappropriate things without people around reacting in some way. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, just that I’ve not directly seen something like that.

I’ve seen drunks get in a bus and start bothering people, but almost every time, someone has stepped forward and told him not to bother people, help him to the exit, and put him off the bus.

Anyway, I thought you might also appreciate this Cuenca bus video. It made me laugh out loud for real.

Don’t forget the message, PAY ATTENTION or you might get SMACKED DOWN TOO! 😉

And You Thought Trying to Get on Cuenca’s Buses Can Be Hard?

If you haven’t had to contend with a crowd of people scrambling to get onto a crowded Cuenca bus during rush hour in some areas, consider yourself lucky!

But if you’ve ever tried to get onto a bus leaving El Centro anytime between 12:45pm and 2:00pm, then you’ve likely been shoved out-of-the-way by forty school children and their moms.

This happens to me two times a week. My Spanish classes let out at 12:45pm; if I don’t hustle to the stop and get the first bus out to my neighborhood, then I’m stuck walking or spending $2 on a cab.

I found this video this morning and it really makes me appreciate the fact that the most crowded bus in Cuenca will never be as overstuffed as a train in India can get!