Bus Surfing or Advanced Technique for Standing on the Bus

When it comes to standing while riding the bus, at some point you are going to have to rely on “sea legs.” I try to practice as much as I can, opting to stand more often than sit when I’m not with someone else. I’ve developed some tricks for “bus surfing”, especially for those times when I barely have one hand on a rail and could go toppling over at any turn or a sudden lurch forward or backward.

First of all, it all comes down to being able to turn sideways, spread your feet apart, and bend your knees slightly. By turning sideways, you are able to absorb sudden accelerations and braking. By bending your knees, you lower your center of gravity and gain more control over maintaining your upright position where you are standing. teen-wolf-surfing-on-van-movie-poster

Obviously, you don’t have to be as crouched and guarded as Michael J. Fox as the iconic Teenwolf is here; as long as you are hanging onto the rail and planted, you can be set to absorb the bouncing, curving, and stopping/accelerating of the bus.

I may be a little more extreme than others, but I really enjoy bus surfing when I get the chance; of course my wife makes fun of me when she sees me doing it, but she’s also very good at pretending not to know me when we’re in public.

One of the buses we regularly ride to get home goes up a very curvy road which the drivers typically take both uphill and downhill very fast. I figured out the key to taking curves while standing on a bus going very fast is to lean into the curves.

It is easiest when you can see the road in front of the bus, but when it is crowded, this isn’t possible and you have to rely on feeling the curves as they start. The curve determines the level of lean that will be needed; so when the bus is going to the left, you lean to the left “against” the turn and when it is going to the right, you lean to the right “against” the turn. You don’t have to lean with your whole body to get the counterbalancing effects of the lean, you can lean from your hips upwards or even tilting your head into the turns.

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