Membership Discount If You Already Bought Atlas

Many people have bought our atlas but may not be aware of the members’ section on or that they can get a discount on the cost of membership!

Our member’s section grants access to printable, individual PDF files for each map and which is where I’m posting the updates to the routes. We’ll also have special offers, surprises, and even includes a special price on future editions of our comprehensive bus system atlases.

Normally, membership is $10, but if you’ve already bought a hardcopy, it is only $5 for the membership. I’ve set up a special coupon code for people, who already have a book but not a membership, to use.

All you have to do is open this link:

  • add the membership to the cart
  • when the page reloads, click on ‘view cart’
  • when your cart opens, it will show the membership as $10, but look under the product list for the place to enter a discount code
    • TO FIND YOUR CODE: Open your copy of the atlas to Línea 17 Norte 1 de 2 and look up the name of the stop numbered 08–The discount code is the name of the stop
      • To check if you have the correct name, it is the same name as stops 03 (on the same page), 53, and 58 on Línea 17 Sur 2 de 2
  • Enter the name of that stop into the space for the discount code
  • when the page reloads, look for: ” Coupon code applied successfully”
  • Your final price will be adjusted to $5

You may pay with Paypal or make an appointment  and I will come to you to pick up $5 cash at your convenience. Once the payment is confirmed, I will set up your account and you can access all the PDFs and print up the ones that are most important to you.