Cuenca Electronic Card Reading Payment System

An Extra Nickel

One thing that isn’t mentioned very often, or at least I haven’t found it yet, is that some of the lines that go way out-of-town cost an extra $.05 when you ride it all the way out to the end. This isn’t true on all of them, but for example, when I rode línea 26 north all the way past Checka, close to the border of Cañar, I noticed people were no longer exiting from the back door, but instead exiting at the front and dropping another nickel into the coin slot. I also observed this on línea 17 which goes south into the countryside. At the time, I was purposefully riding all the buses to their end points to map them and paying with my card, so when I got back on the bus for the return trip, I noticed the machine charged my card the full $0.30 instead of $0.25.
So just be aware that if you are planning to take one of the buses that go to the further reaches of the region, it is going to cost an extra nickel. This is not the driver trying to squeeze an extra five cents from you (yes, we’ve seen several people insinuate this on social media).

This post is from the forthcoming manual for riding Cuenca’s buses.