Printing Services by JACKO COPIAS

Cuenca Bus System Atlas
was printed by
Sra. Teresa Pérez and Sr. Juan Andrés Chuchuca

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While there were literally hundreds of options for our printing services needs, it was important to us to support a local business who was convenient to our location and who would make the commitment to do the best job possible for printing up our book. We took some of our completed maps, both as digital files and as physical pages, to several locations and asked them to give us a sample of their work. Out of all of the places we sampled, JACKO COPIAS not only had the best quality prints and copies, but understood that the type of project we brought to them needed extra fine quality in order for all the street names to be visible and thus the maps useful.

JACKO COPIAS is a full service print shop that does high-quality printing and copying for great prices. They can make your printing project as a hardcover or spiral bound book, or simply make copy of your passport and laminate it for you.

JACKO COPIAS printing services are why each copy of the Cuenca Bus System Atlas is as nice and readable as it is. If you have any documents to copy or large printing projects to complete, they do great work!

They have two locations to serve you:
#1 at Tarqui 10-46 and Gran Colombia right next to the parada “Colegio San Francisco” found on bus lines 8, 12, 16, 18, 20, and 25 
#2 at Tarqui 8-90 and Simón Bolívar near the parada “Cenaculo” found on bus lines 8, 12, 18, 20, and 25

0986113649 and 0986688981

Be sure to tell Sra. Teresa that you heard about her from Cuenca Bus Sherpa!

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