About Us

“Cuenca Bus Sherpa” is me – Christopher B. King.


I’m originally from Texas, and have traveled all over the U.S. and Costa Rica by car, bus, and “by thumb.” I arrived to Cuenca with my wife Sandra on December 31, 2013 and my mother moved down to join us in July 2015.

We love living in Cuenca, exploring all of its’ nooks and crannies and we are daily users of the bus system. Due to extensive construction detours and numerous line changes, the city stopped updating their bus maps, and eventually they even disappeared from the Internet. The bus system can be intimidating enough as it is; without maps it can be a nightmare for some! In my quest to discover Cuenca and navigate around the city, I began making notes on the routes. Over many months and hundreds of hours, riding buses, working with various maps and software, and endless formatting, I have compiled this resource to share with the larger community. I hope it allows you to explore this wonderful city more extensively and more confidently, and in the process save money and enjoy the slice of life that is the Cuenca bus system!

I hope that you find this endeavor to be useful and comprehensive – every line, every bus stop, end to end, with details of the surrounding area, and notes on construction areas.


This project would have been (legally) impossible without OpenStreet Maps, whose data is used in all maps provided. We are big proponents and users of open source knowledge and technology.

This map book is dedicated to my wife, Sandra Kirkpatrick, and my mother, Sandi King – without whose constant encouragement / nagging and occasional help this project may have never come to fruition.

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