005 — Looking back on the Past to Appreciate Today’s Changes

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Today, I’m going to be talking about Cuenca’s past and reading an article about Cuenca’s bus system that appeared in the newsletter called “Sustainable Tranport” published by the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy in the Fall of 2001. That was when the city took control of the local bus system and turned it from an unregulated mess of over 600 privately owned buses to the current system of routes regulated by the city and leased by a half dozen of private coopertivas.

We also have some news from the week to cover, including the latest updates with the TranVia schedule as well as more construction on the West side a block away from the Ordonez Lasso widening project. Those stories and more coming up on the Cuenca Bus Sherpa Podcast.

This week’s news sources:

Plus a feature from “Sustainable Transport” #12 2001

Changes to the 13 and the 50
Source: Cuenca Bus Sherpa Podcast